A Special Place

Regardless of where they live, everybody knows of a special place. Describe your special place, wherever it is. What does it look like? How does it feel to be there? Who shares it with you?


Describe the most impressive ceremony you have ever witnessed. It may have been a marriage, a graduation, or a religious ceremony. It may have been an awards ceremony. Where was it held? Who was there? How were people dressed? What was said? How did you feel about it?

Peel Out!

One day you leave your house and in your driveway is the car of your dreams. Your name is stencilled on the door and the keys are in the ignition. You don’t ask any questions. You get in and take off. Describe the story of the next couple of hours of your life in glorious detail.

The Car of Your Dreams

Describe the car of your dreams. What will it look like? What’s its colour? What will the interior look like and what special accessories will it have? What kind of an engine will speed you to your destinations?

A Beautiful Work of Art

Describe the most beautiful work of art you have ever seen. It may have been a sculpture, a painting, a dance or a set design. It may have been indoors, outdoors, on a stage or on television. Describe it in full detail so that the reader can try to see what you saw.

Style Your Blog

Before you go further, choose a theme that has a “Theme Editor” (variously titled such as “Theme Options”, “Edit Styles”). Choose a theme that allows you to change the header image AND the font colours(StripedPlus isn’t only one, is it?).

Step One: Title your blog.(do not use your name)
Step Two: Write your own one sentence blog description.
Step Three: Get an image from www.freefoto.com.
Step Four: Use Photoshop to put all layers together. Export the image, keep it less than 20k. Small .png is best.
Step Five: upload your image, find its url and copy/paste.

Pay attention to the imagery in the photo, synch with your blog title/description. Pay attention(eye dropper) to the colours in the image and edit your font colours. Choose a “unique” font in Photoshop for your blog title/description. Scale the final result to fit the fixed height/width of the header in your theme.

Do you want to send free text messages to a cell phone?

Look for the Quick SMS widget on any theme that has sidebar widgets. Mine works(vmobile.ca). I need someone to verify that the Telus Mobility widget works, too. If your provider is not listed, and you want it, let me know. Receiving texts messages on my cell phone, for me, is free. It’s sending them that costs me a dime. How much is Telus to send/receive? The Quick SMS widget lets me send at no cost. You can put any number(10 digits), so behave. Enjoy, report abuses to me.

D. Sader