Geniuses Among Us

It has been said that society has to adjust to its geniuses rather than geniuses adjusting to society. This means that special individuals (the world’s geniuses) have the effect of changing society. Agree or disagree with this observation. Support or reject it.

Eating Noises

I knew a man who went into a rage if anybody ate an apple within his hearing. I knew another man who was so disgusted by his son’s eating habits that he made him eat his dinner alone. Do you have such quirks about other people’s eating habits as you encounter them in restaurants and other public places? Write an essay about people with such habits. Describe your responses to them.

The Perfect Junk Food Meal

Regardless of what the dentist, doctor, dietician and Clearasil distributor warn you about, at one time or another you’re a junk food addict. Sometimes only junk food will satisfy your craving. Describe, then, your favourite junk food meal in glorious detail.

The Life of an Artist

The life of an artist is very appealing because it permits individual expression. If you had your way, what kinds of an artist would you like to be? Compose an essay in which you describe the achievements you would make and the acclaim success would bring you?

A Special Place

Regardless of where they live, everybody knows of a special place. Describe your special place, wherever it is. What does it look like? How does it feel to be there? Who shares it with you?