New features Gallery2 and Subscribe2

Gallery2 integration works, mostly. Well the sidebar and full page embedding works, more to come. Activate WPG2 by pointing it to and it should autodetect the rest. Then place the STJ Galley widget in your sidebar.

Subscribe2 allows you to email, automagically, site updates(a new post for example) to your subscribers. A new Subscribe link appears in your footer.

Flickr Plugin works, again.

Flickr changed how you access your images in early September. So I’ve updated the plugin. You’ll need to have an “API Key” and a “Shared Secret”, now.

It is a good idea to put images on Flickr instead, or in addition to, stj servers. Flickr badges are cool, too.

Do not activate the Flickr plugin if you don’t have a Flickr account. You lose the ability to browse your blog’s upload folder while Flickr plugin is active, I still don’t know the fix.

Look here, see if you can find a fix, too.

STJ Volleyball Championship Graghics Challenge

Help with the graphics for our Senior Girls ASAA Championship website.

Look at the header images here:

We can do better, I know it.

The images you use to create the header MUST be “public domain” such as those from I prefer 100% verifiable original artwork. If I am in doubt, your submission will be trashed, so be certain your images are “free”.

I lean towards images incorporating Spartan volleyball players (ask me about FOIP ) or images from the school, surroundings, landmarks around Vermilion. Use your own camera for pics from around town/park/river, I have a scanner so images can be digital or film to start.

Contribute your final images in their multi layer original .psd format AND compressed and flattened in .png format. Final images must load quickly, less than 10kb preferred.

Good luck.

D. Sader

Snowsuits for Grades 9-12

Something very new has been built into, “snowsuits.”

Be up to date with your posts.

Hand in an up to date “Assessment Data Sheet.”

If you think you can handle the responsibility, and if I think you’ve got the skills, I’ll enable your access to “snowsuits.”

D. Sader
(Fed your inner geek lately?)

Style Your Blog

Before you go further, choose a theme that has a “Theme Editor” (variously titled such as “Theme Options”, “Edit Styles”). Choose a theme that allows you to change the header image AND the font colours(StripedPlus isn’t only one, is it?).

Step One: Title your blog.(do not use your name)
Step Two: Write your own one sentence blog description.
Step Three: Get an image from
Step Four: Use Photoshop to put all layers together. Export the image, keep it less than 20k. Small .png is best.
Step Five: upload your image, find its url and copy/paste.

Pay attention to the imagery in the photo, synch with your blog title/description. Pay attention(eye dropper) to the colours in the image and edit your font colours. Choose a “unique” font in Photoshop for your blog title/description. Scale the final result to fit the fixed height/width of the header in your theme.

CTS 10 Graphic Magicians

Thanks to those helping/experimenting with graphics for Progress is slow, but carefully done. What works? 5-6 images of each garment with hardwood background, adjust==>image size 320x240px and 72 dpi, and adjust==>auto levels so white balance looks better. Be certain to name each image according to corresponding “product code.”

Check out T-Shirts, others a piece at a time.

Thanks Braden, Deena, Michael M., Adam M.