Hamlet: Final Response

Choose a focus for your final response to Hamlet.

Synthesize alternative points of view, (include links to sources: your posts, STJ blogs, etc.).

Review your responses throughout our study:

Writing tips:


PS: “To thine own rubric be true.”

November 9th is the “cut off” day for submission of my marks to the office.
Any assignment to be (re)submitted for grading must be “in my hand” before 2:00PM November 9th.

STJ Volleyball Championship Graghics Challenge

Help with the graphics for our Senior Girls ASAA Championship website.

Look at the header images here:

We can do better, I know it.

The images you use to create the header MUST be “public domain” such as those from freefoto.com. I prefer 100% verifiable original artwork. If I am in doubt, your submission will be trashed, so be certain your images are “free”.

I lean towards images incorporating Spartan volleyball players (ask me about FOIP ) or images from the school, surroundings, landmarks around Vermilion. Use your own camera for pics from around town/park/river, I have a scanner so images can be digital or film to start.

Contribute your final images in their multi layer original .psd format AND compressed and flattened in .png format. Final images must load quickly, less than 10kb preferred.

Good luck.

D. Sader