While you read…Brave New World

Using the format of a blog, comment at the end of each reading session on both the substance of your reading and its effects on you.

Record pages or sections on which you are commenting. Record your impressions of characters, events, conflicts, descriptions. Record responses to your own questions. Record questions about the novel as you read. Respond to course focus questions.

Make sure you take the time after, during, or before each reading session to make an entry into your blog. 10-15 sentences per reading session might be enough.

Make each entry interesting, personal, intelligent. Avoid retelling the story or simply “dumbing-down” the text. Write posts that engages your readers in critical thinking, enhances their attention span, and fills them with speculative awe.

Write several short posts per week, once a day at least. Write longer posts when your mood strikes you. Tag each post before publishing. Use categories such as the following to keep your responses organized:

Community, Identity, Stability
Science and Technology
Sensual Pleasures
Family Life

Track the posts you make and the comments you send and receive in a spreadsheet. Try to spend no more than 15 minutes on the computer per class. If that isn’t enough, do more work at home or during spare time. There is a need for quite, concentrated reading time during your day. Here we go.

After Act 5 (English 30)

Respond to one of the following:

  1. Do you think Rosencrantz and Guildenstern deserved to be put to death? What alternatives might Hamlet have taken? Examine Hamlet’s reasoning and consider whether you think Hamlet was seeking justice or revenge?
  2. Why does Horatio tell Hamlet he will lose the contest? Why is Horatio correct?
  3. Throughout most of the play Hamlet has seemed unwilling to do what he knows he must do. Is it only in the final scene that Hamlet seems fully willing to accept his destiny? What do you think has caused this change in Hamlet?
  4. Death is personified twice in the final scene: a police officer(by Hamlet) and a hunter(by Fortinbras). Why has Shakespeare chosen these two particular occupations. What other jobs could death, as a person, perform?

Plato’s Mimetic Theory of Art(RS 25)

Have a look at this powerpoint file here. Wikipedia additional terms needed to answer the following:

Given that what we experience of reality is merely a simulation in our minds, then all art is a simulation of a simulation.

Is art useless?

In our engineered age, an age of HDTV, megapixels images, colour laser printers, virtual reality, 3D games, are we moving toward or away from art forms that Plato would consider more useful?

What is the future of art?

Can a form of communication, art, be enhanced to the point that it is no more than a mirror of reality?

If art is supposed to mirror reality, wouldn’t a mirror be the cheaper way to go?

Mirrors, we’ve talked about mirrors. Hmmm.

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Three Questions – by Leo Tolstoy

One day it occurred to a certain emperor that if he only knew the answers to three questions, he would never stray in any matter.

What is the best time to do each thing? Who are the most important people to work with? What is the most important thing to do at all times?

The emperor issued a decree throughout his kingdom announcing that whoever could answer the questions would receive a great reward. Many who read the decree made their way to the palace at once, each person with a different answer. Continue reading “Three Questions – by Leo Tolstoy”

cool smilies


The following smilies have an extra space after the first character so you can see them here in text form. Remove the space and the smiley appears in published posts.

‘ : )’ => ‘icon_smile.gif’,
‘ : D’ => ‘icon_biggrin.gif’,
‘ : -D’ => ‘icon_biggrin.gif’,
‘: grin:’ => ‘icon_biggrin.gif’,
‘ : )’ => ‘icon_smile.gif’,
‘ : -)’ => ‘icon_smile.gif’,
‘: smile:’ => ‘icon_smile.gif’,
‘ : (‘ => ‘icon_sad.gif’,
‘ : -(‘ => ‘icon_sad.gif’,
‘: sad:’ => ‘icon_sad.gif’,
‘ : o’ => ‘icon_surprised.gif’,
‘ : -o’ => ‘icon_surprised.gif’,
‘: eek:’ => ‘icon_surprised.gif’,
‘ 8 O’ => ‘icon_eek.gif’,
‘ 8 -O’ => ‘icon_eek.gif’,
‘: shock:’ => ‘icon_eek.gif’,
‘ : ?’ => ‘icon_confused.gif’,
‘ : -?’ => ‘icon_confused.gif’,
‘ : ???:’ => ‘icon_confused.gif’,
‘ 8 )’ => ‘icon_cool.gif’,
‘ 8 -)’ => ‘icon_cool.gif’,
‘: cool:’ => ‘icon_cool.gif’,
‘: lol:’ => ‘icon_lol.gif’,
‘ : x’ => ‘icon_mad.gif’,
‘ : -x’ => ‘icon_mad.gif’,
‘: mad:’ => ‘icon_mad.gif’,
‘ : P’ => ‘icon_razz.gif’,
‘ : -P’ => ‘icon_razz.gif’,
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‘: wink:’ => ‘icon_wink.gif’,
‘ ; )’ => ‘icon_wink.gif’,
‘ ; -)’ => ‘icon_wink.gif’,
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😕 => ‘icon_confused.gif’,
😕 => ‘icon_confused.gif’,
8) => ‘icon_cool.gif’,
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😎 => ‘icon_cool.gif’,
😆 => ‘icon_lol.gif’,
😡 => ‘icon_mad.gif’,
😡 => ‘icon_mad.gif’,
😡 => ‘icon_mad.gif’,
😛 => ‘icon_razz.gif’,
😛 => ‘icon_razz.gif’,
😛 => ‘icon_razz.gif’,
😳 => ‘icon_redface.gif’,
😥 => ‘icon_cry.gif’,
👿 => ‘icon_evil.gif’,
😈 => ‘icon_twisted.gif’,
🙄 => ‘icon_rolleyes.gif’,
😉 => ‘icon_wink.gif’,
😉 => ‘icon_wink.gif’,
😉 => ‘icon_wink.gif’,
❗ => ‘icon_exclaim.gif’,
❓ => ‘icon_question.gif’,
💡 => ‘icon_idea.gif’,
➡ => ‘icon_arrow.gif’,
😐 => ‘icon_neutral.gif’,
😐 => ‘icon_neutral.gif’,
😐 => ‘icon_neutral.gif’,
:mrgreen: => ‘icon_mrgreen.gif’,

STJ Volleyball Championship Graghics Challenge

Help with the graphics for our Senior Girls ASAA Championship website.

Look at the header images here:

We can do better, I know it.

The images you use to create the header MUST be “public domain” such as those from freefoto.com. I prefer 100% verifiable original artwork. If I am in doubt, your submission will be trashed, so be certain your images are “free”.

I lean towards images incorporating Spartan volleyball players (ask me about FOIP ) or images from the school, surroundings, landmarks around Vermilion. Use your own camera for pics from around town/park/river, I have a scanner so images can be digital or film to start.

Contribute your final images in their multi layer original .psd format AND compressed and flattened in .png format. Final images must load quickly, less than 10kb preferred.

Good luck.

D. Sader

Grade 10 Mages reflect on the last week

Recall images, faces, reactions, hecklers, stumbles, successes from the last week preparing and performing for the elementary students. See if you can’t work into your reflections a discussion of the postulates: can something come from nothing? does God exist? is our soul immortal? is our will our own? As well, discuss the presence of fear or awe in the psyche of a child. Recall Golding’s thesis about the ubiquity of evil in children. Was anyone in our audiences ever “afraid” of our magic? Why? Why not?

In addition, you might include a “microcontent” review of our show(s).